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Our Planet Is Worth It

To seriously move the needle on global climate change, we need our efforts and technology to serve as examples to others and be inspirational. We hope our commitment creates a ripple effect across travel, tourism and aviation times over—and helps preserve this magnificent planet for future generations.

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The Triple Bottom Line

Companies that opt into this philosophy to consecrate the triple bottom line principles of “profit, people and planet” into their constitutions require directors to consider the interests of non-financial and financial shareholders and report publicly on social and environmental issues performance, as well as financial indicators.


Socially conscious businesses maximize economic benefits for host communities, respect human rights, and support community development.

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Environmentally friendly businesses minimize damage to lands and wildlife, invest in environmental conservation, and protect natural resources. 


And of course, businesses must make a profit and generate economic growth, while ensuring long-term financial stability and resilience. 

Operator Monetization Opportunities


In-Built to Your Trips

The nominal cost of becoming Net Zero can be included in your retail price.


Bespoke Pricing

Not all trips are equal. We cater for small business, and high volume / high footprint.


Opt-In / Opt-Out

You choose the best way to sell—customer or company paid.


You Determine the RRP

You choose the rates at which you sell the offset.



Promote your business, ethos and standards through certification and attract customers.


Do the right thing!

Come on, seriously. It’s probably the cost of less than 0.01% of the trip value!

Tourism Is Impacting Our Planet

The reduction of carbon emissions is essential to the success of our planet. This is for the today and tomorrow of all humans.

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Transport-related CO2 emissions from tourism are predicted to increase from 1,597 million tonnes to 1,998 million tonnes between 2016 and 2030.

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International and domestic arrivals alone are expected to increase from 20 billion to 37 billion around the world.

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Transport-related emissions from tourism represented 5% of all man-made emissions in 2016 and will increase to 5.3% by 2030.

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Tourism-related transport emissions represented 22% of all transport emissions in
2016 and will continue doing so in 2030.

Path Net Zero applies data from BEIS data from 2021.

We understand the complexities of travel.

As travel professionals, we understand the process and all moving parts involved in a trip, making us uniquely qualified to create a simple offsetting solution for the travel industry. We've deciphered a mountain of data over the last twelve months to ensure all of travel's moving parts are considered and accurately measured.

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