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Path Net Zero’s carbon calculator platform is unique and tailored to the travel sector. Calculating the impact of travel-specific contributors of carbon emissions provides you, as an operator, with the convenience and simplicity of a data-backed, calculated output in one intuitive platform.

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Carbon Emissions Calculator

Simply drag the sliders to input the trip components. 

Flights, transport, hotels and number of pax to see your individual or group total emissions.

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Path Net Zero is the only end-to-end platform for your carbon offsetting needs.

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Carbon Calculator Access

Exclusive access to our aggregated calculator, simplifying how you calculate the complex carbon emissions contributors of a multi-faceted travel itinerary.

Measure Carbon Offset Value

We issue and certify the number of carbon offset credits equal to the quantity of verified CO2-equivalent for your Path to Net Zero score.

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Carbon Projects are Funded

Easily offset your company’s calculated carbon emissions. Choose from our balanced portfolio of verified projects that support a healthy planet.

Positive Contribution to the Planet

The reduction of carbon emissions is essential to the success of our planet. Your clients’ travels immediately and directly support a reduction in carbon emissions.

Travel is complex. As travel professionals, we understand the process and all the moving parts. The Path Net Zero calculating solution ensures all moving parts are covered and accurately measured.

Data Sources

Any measurement or calculator system is only as good as the data behind it.

Path Net Zero has partnered with industry experts to ensure that the data sources that feed into the calculator are recognised, verified, factual and specific to the individual metrics.

We have integrated data from leading organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation's data (ICAO), a specialised agency of the UN, and the 2021 UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy's (BEIS). This is an approach used by the UN in many parts of their worldwide emissions calculations.

Path Net Zero refreshes its data sources on a monthly basis to ensure applied data is current and updated accordingly.

Transparent Reporting

We provide all of our partners with qualified data enabling you to offer accuracy and full transparency to your travellers and their contribution to reducing global carbon emissions.

Our qualified data reports can be utilised to empower your travellers to make guilt-free, socially responsible travel choices, now.